IV Tallinn Summer 
Ballet Masterclasses 
13th of July to 3th of August 2020

Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses 2019


15th of July to 5th of August

aged 13-19


3rd International Ballet Master Classes took place in Tallinn from 15th of July to the 5th of August.

25 participants from Japan, Finland, Greece, Poland, Russia and South-Korea travelled to the beautiful city of Tallinn to take part in the ballet master-classes. 21 of the participants in the event were girls and 4 were boys. At first, the participants were divided into two groups in accordance with their age: Junior (13-15 years) and Senior (16-19 years). Once the master-classes started, the groups were adjusted by the level of the training background of the participants. This allowed the groups to be much better balanced. The classes took place in the spacious and bright halls of the Tallinn National Ballet School located in the Old Town of the city.

TIBM2019 photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

The program included trainings with nationally recognized teachers and visiting dance professionals from Estonia, Russia and Switzerland. Master Classes presented students with opportunities to get acquainted with different teaching methodologies of classical and modern dance. The classes provided participants with a lot of knowledge, skills, and of course, positive emotions.

TIBM2019 photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

Ballet Classes Teachers

Kaie Kõrb - Director of the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - ballet class, repertoire;

photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“I really loved Kaie's classes. They were very nice and I think I learned a lot from them. The classes were really useful. The atmosphere on the classes was really supportive and I enjoyed it.”

All lesson items were perfect. especially atmosphere and comfort on the lesson were excellent!”

“とてもよく見ていただきました。もっとたくさんのレッスンを受けたかったです。("The teacher was super attentive to me. I would love to have more lessons with her.")

“Harjutused olid head ja parandas kõikidel erinevaid vigu” ("The lessons were fine and she corrected different mistakes of everyone.")

“Parim õpetaja“ ("Best teacher!")

Viesturs Jansons - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - ballet class, repertoire, pas de deux;

Viesturs Jansons photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“I had his lessons a few times. But I enjoyed very much!”

“パドドゥを踊る上で大切なポイントを、わかりやすく教えていただきました。” ("Teacher explained important moments of the pas-de-deux in plain language. ")

“Väga hea õpetaja.“ ("Very good teacher.")

“Imeline õpetaja, kes suutis õpilaste tujumuutustele ja temperamendile vastu pidada 😂” ("An incredible teacher who easily withstood all the mood swings and difficult temperament of students, especially boys 😂")

Margarita Kullik - Coach and Repetiteur at the Mariinsky Theatre since 2013 (Russia, St. Petersburg) - ballet class, repertoire;

photo by Anastasia Semjonova

“Super õpetaja (uued oskused ja teadmised)“ ("Super teacher (new skills and knowledge)")

“Uskumatu oli kuulda tunnis õpetajat korea keeles rääkimas, wow!” ("It was incredible to to hear teacher speaking Korean during the lessons, WOW")

“I really enjoyed the classes. The tempo of the lesson was perfect and we got good corrections.”

“Approach to teaching and attention to the students were wonderful!”

“ワガノワ式を学べたことが、とてもよかったです。” ("I am very happy that I managed to learn the Vaganova method.")

Sofya Gumerova - Honored Artist of Russia (2010), the first soloist of the Mariinsky Theater (Russia, St. Petersburg), coach-repetiteur - ballet class, repertoire;

Sofia Gumerova photo by Anastasia Semjonova

“I really enjoyed these lessons, the tempo was good and I learned a lot of new things!”

“All lesson items were perfect, the teacher were beautiful and showed us excellent techniques!! amazing!”

“今まで知らなかったレパートリーが学べて、とてもよかったです。” ("I am very glad that I was able to learn a previously unfamiliar repertoire.")

“Harjutused olid rasked , mis mulle meeldis selle juures, õpetaja oli väga sõbralik ja parandas kõiki” ("The exercises were difficult, which I actually enjoyed, the teacher was very friendly and corrected everyone when needed")

“Väga hea õpetaja (uued oskused, saladused).“ (" Very good teacher, I have gained a lot of new knowledge and skills.")  

Daniel Otevrel - coach-repetiteur at the Zurich Ballet (Switzerland) - ballet class, repertoire, pas de deux;

Daniel Otevrel photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“I was enjoying his all lessons. He was energetic! Thank you!”

“礼儀やマナーをしっかり教えていただきました。クラシックも、顔の方向などたくさん教えていただきました。” ("The teacher paid close attention to behavior and manners. Also, he helped with the classical dance, the direction in which one need to keep his/her head, and much more")

“Harjutused võisid olla keerulisemad aga õpetaja oli tore” ("Exercises could be more challenging, but the teacher was very nice and pleasant to work with.")

“Ta jagas lahkelt kõigile komplimente, see oli väga armas.” ("he teacher found a way to compliment everyone, it was very nice")

“Hea õpetaja “ ("Good teacher")

Irina Härm - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - ballet class, repertoire;;

Irina Harm photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“Õpetas hästi, arusaadavalt” ("The teacher was very nice, everything was very clear and understandable")

“Väga hea õpetaja “ ("Very good teacher")

“She was very kind, gentle, excellent detailed lesson!!”

“足を怪我をしていましたが、とても柔軟に対応して下さいました。とてもたくさん教えていただき、嬉しかったです。" ("The teacher was very attentive. She found a flexible approach in my situation with a leg injury. I was very happy to learn a lot.")

Inna Sõrmus - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - ballet class, repertoire;

Inna Sormus photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“Hea õpetaja aga võiks olla natuke rangem” ("A good teacher, but could have been a little stricter.")

“I enjoyed very much during her classes”


Sergey Upkin - principal dancer of the Estonian National Ballet - repertoire (male)

Sergei Upkin photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“Прекрасный педагог, с удовольствием занимался бы у него в следующем году” An excellent teacher, I would love to study with him next year

Larissa Beresneva - concertmaster at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - our unchangeable concertmaster ❤️;

Larissa Beresneva photo by Anastasia Semjonova

TIBM2019 - How was it?

When planning a trip to a foreign country, there are a lot of aspects to consider, such as safety, amenities, ways to spend quality leisure time. These questions are especially crucial to explore for parents of children who are still minors. According to the Global Finance magazine rating, in 2019 Estonia ranked 17th among the safest countries in the world. When compiling the rating, the probability of a military conflict, the level of crime and personal security of citizens, the level of economic development and the likelihood of natural disasters were taken into account. Tallinn is a comfortable small city with a well-developed public transportation system, local people are very welcoming and most of them speak Russian and English.

Chilling girls photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Tallinn International Ballet master classes bring together children from all over the world. Our participants are of ranging ages; they all come from diverse cultural backgrounds and speak different languages. It is fascinating to see how they find a common ground and learn to understand each other.

Ballet class photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

For the children to get to know each other faster, on the very first evening of the intensive summer courses, every year, we organize an informal party event, outside of the ballet school walls. There we play various “get to know each other” games and eat all sorts of tasty food. Some of the children share national treats from their countries. Also, sometimes, mothers of our local ballerinas bake cakes. This time, we decided to continue our tradition that was established last year and went to play mini-golf together.

Discussing schedule photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Some of the international participants live in a hotel, most stay in a hostel. Living together with other participants in a double or triple dormitory room gives children a unique experience of cohabiting and interacting in an multi cultural environment. For some participants, this is the first time being without parents in another country. They learn to buy products on their own and cook breakfast for themselves in the morning.Some of the international participants live in a hotel, most stay in a hostel. Living together with other participants in a double or triple dormitory room gives children a unique experience of cohabiting and interacting in an multi cultural environment. For some participants, this is the first time being without parents in another country. They learn to buy products on their own and cook breakfast for themselves in the morning.

Ballet repertoire - bottles photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

We do our best to place the participants in the most comfortable way for all the parties involved, based on their common language of communication. But if suddenly something goes wrong, we make effort to settle the situation and either find new roommates or move someone into a separate room. An adult responsible for the safety and well being of all the accommodated participants, can always quickly respond to any situation, and lives in the hostel together with the youngsters. In the early mornings, children are accompanied to classes and brought back to the hostel after the classes.

Ballerinas in tutus photo by Anastasia Semjonova

During the lessons, the participants of the masterclasses gain a unique learning experience in an international group. For many, the enthusiastic teaching method of many of our teachers and the very format of the teacher-student interaction become a revelation. One must be prepared to smile and laugh often!

Girls on break - point shoes photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

Many people are often concerned about the language in which the teachers and participants communicate. Over the past three years, language was never an obstacle. Firstly, all Estonian teachers are fluent in Russian and English and can explain something in great detail in those languages if necessary. Secondly, for some possible "out of place" situations, there is always someone ready to translator from English to Russian, either our coordinator or a volunteer.

Before the TBK photo by Anastasiia Korneeva

For example, this year, our wonderful volunteer Annabelle, helped us with the Korean language. Our coordinator Anastasia helped with the translations from Russian to English and vice versa.

Contemporary dance and
extra lessons teachers

Concert - Contemp photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Today, more and more teachers say that a modern ballet dancer should not only dance high-class classics, but also have good skills in modern dance. Therefore, at our workshops we organize classes in modern dance - this is reflected in the program of the final gala concert.

Yoga photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

Along with the additional classes, we also have yoga and Pilates. Every year we receive from the participants a lot of positive feedback stating that these are very valuable and useful lessons for a ballet dancer. “It was like a breath of fresh air for my body” - this is the comment we hear most often =)

Yoga photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

We are well aware that young dancers worked the whole school year and deserve a vacation. But we also know that ballet is very demanding, and those who choose to do it should train regularly, as long rests negatively affect the professional qualities of a ballet dancer.

Kung-Fu photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

We want to give our participants an opportunity to spend the summer not only productively, but also have fun. Thus, we add other exciting and unusual activities to the program. They help to unwind a little, to feel one’s body in a different way, and most importantly - these activities help to become more open, which is an integral factor for success of a stage artist.

Helen Veidebaum - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia), modern dance;

Contemporary photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“Õppisin väga palju, tants väga meeldis, õpetaja oskas hästi seletada” ("Learned a lot, loved the dance, teacher explained really well.”)

“Very good!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Very nice lessons! I learned a lot and the classes were very useful. The atmosphere was good and joyful and we got good corrections. I loved the contemporary choreography!!”

“All lesson items were perfect,and excellent detailed lesson!”

Helen Veidebaum on stage photo by Anastasia Semjonova

“3週間、日本とは違ったムーブメントをたくさん教えていただきました。とてもよい経験になりました。” ("Over the course of three weeks, the teacher showed a lot of different moves that are not taught in Japan. It was a very rewarding experience.")

“excellent! I strongly sensed the necessity of PILATES for ballet dancer.”

“初めてのことが多く、とても勉強になりました。” ("A lot of things taught at the classes I’ve seen for the first time, I’ve really learned a lot")

Maria Uppin - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - yoga;

Yoga all together photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“It was fun! Yoga was very useful.”

“I really was able to take a breather for my body.”

“精神的なリセットができて、とてもよかったです。” ("It was like an internal reload, very good lessons.")

“Мне больше нравится активные танцы, но я знаю, насколько нужна и полезна йога и пилатес” ("I prefer more active dances, but I know how much yoga and Pilates are needed and useful")

Svetlana Dushenkina & Krista Eliz (Manor models) - CatWalk и Photo Session

Photosession photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“Väga hea ja kasulik kogemus.“  ("Very important and useful experience.")

“It was very difficult for me because I was not used to this kind of occasion. “

“「よい姿勢」の大切さを学びました。” ("I got it for my place the importance of "a good posture"")

Kristjan Jukskylä - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School - acting improvisation;

Kristjan Üksküla photo by Anastasiia Korneeva

“The class was fun and useful. He was nice and I learned a lot. The exercises were so much fun!”

“I really enjoyed his lesson. All lesson items perfect! “

“Õpetaja oli hea ja tund väga meeldis” ("The teacher was very good and I liked the lesson a lot)")

“Aitäh.“ ("Thank you!")

Kristjan Üksküla photo by Anastasiia Korneeva

Grigori Kiselev - kung fu õpetaja (Eesti) - kung fu ja enesekaitse;

Grigory Kiselev photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“It was fun and I learned a lot!”

“I was very interested in his lesson, enjoyed!”

“Hea õpetaja. Kasulikud oskused.“ ("Good teacher. Very useful skills!")

“õpetaja suutis kõik õpilased naerma panna!” ("The teacher very easily could make everyone laugh!")

Concert TIBM2020 photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

Liis Toomsalu - LifeDance Tantsustuudio - showdance;

Liis Toomsalu photo by Vladislava Snurnikova

“Väga meeldis, oli lõbus” ("Very enjoyed, was a real fun")

“Väga hea õpetaja. Huvitav kogemus. Tänud.“ ("Very good teacher. Interesting experience. Thank you.")

“Wow, milline energia ja jõud!” ("Wow, what energy and power!")

“It was fun but difficult. I missed the first week so I had no idea about the routine. :D But it was still fun because she helped us a lot!”

“I was enjoying her lesson, and I was very tired!”

“初めての経験で、とても新鮮でした。” ("It was my first experience of the kind, very refreshing")

Backstage photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Finally, no matter the number of classes and rehearsals, a real artist is born by performing on stage in front of the audience. During the three weeks of training, teachers worked on performance numbers with the students. These were performed at the final Gala Concert. Every student who attended at least two weeks of the masterclasses was involved in the final concert.

Dmitry Harchenko - teacher at the Tallinn Ballet School (Estonia) - director of the final Gala Concert.

Dmitri Harchenko photo by Anastasia Semjonova

“He was very nice and supportive, I learned a lot! I also liked his positive attitude and choreographies.”

“His choreography was wonderful, he could deal with every situation flexibly,excellent! Thank you very much!”

“素敵な振り付けをありがとうございました。勉強させていただきました。” ("Very thankful for the wonderful choreography. I learned a lot")

“Õpetas väga palju tantse, väga lõbus ja hea õpetaja” ("Taught many different dances, really cheerful and a good teacher")

“Oli meeldiv tutvuda oma töösse sellise kirega suhtuva inimesega, uskumatu isiksus!” ("It was nice to meet a man who does his work with such great passion, an incredible person!")

Grooming girls photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Gala Concert
Russian Cultural Centre
5th of August 2019

Concert Backstage photo by Anastasia Semjonova

After the concert, the participants were awarded certificates, flowers, along with some sweet complimentary gifts.
Each participant received a T-shirt with a logo of the Tallinn Ballet Master Classes.
The entrance to the Gala Concert was free for all of the ballet lovers, and we were glad to see that hall was full with the audience.

Concert TIBM2020 photo by Anastasia Semjonova

In general, children and their parents were satisfied with our work.

After the end of the master classes, every participant electronically received a questionnaire.The answers we have received were very useful and interesting. According to our poll results, the average rating of the project this year was 9.43 points out of the possible 10.

Concert TIBM2020 photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Some have participated in the master classes for the third time already, some have been referred to us. Many students come to our master classes again bringing friends. For us, this is a great compliment and a motivator to continue working.

Concert TIBM2020 photo by Anastasia Semjonova

In the piggy bank of Tallinn ballet master classes there are already stories related to career growth. This year, 2 students received a proposal for a free annual internship at the Tallinn Ballet School.

Concert TIBM0202 - Modern photo by Anastasia Semjonova

However, we will be honest with you: of course, we also have received some strict reviews from our participants. Yes, we decided not to publish them here, but we are especially grateful for them. Such reviews show that our participants are not indifferent to what we do and are ready to contribute to future improvements. We thoroughly analyze each review, carefully work on the outlined discrepancies, discuss problem with the teachers, and think on ways to avoid such situations next year.

Lovely girls photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Comments from the Organizing Cometee

Anastasia Wille - Coordinator of TIBM2019;

“This year we have gathered a wonderful group of students - all very goal-oriented, talented, hardworking and diligent. It was incredible to watch the participants improved their skills, gain new knowledge and get in shape over the course of three weeks. Their love for dance, desire to get better and the courage to try new things were very inspiring. It was very lovely to see how attentive everyone was to everything the teachers were saying: carefully receiving both negative remarks and high praise. The participants have supported each other and tried to get the most out of every class. Thank you very much for participating in our III Tallinn International Ballet Master Classes and see you next year!”

photo by Anastasia Semjonova

Dmitry Tkachenko - Organizer of TIBM2019, founder of TallinnBallet;

“I am very glad that we managed to hold Summer Master Classes for the third time already. I am grateful to the Tallinn Ballet School for all-round support and enthusiastic participation in the project. I am grateful to our wonderful participants for their dedication, patience and willingness improvement. I want to especially thank the teachers for their well balanced approach combining strictness and kindness. Throughout the past few years we became a better team and our final gala concerts keep becoming brighter and more interesting. We will continue working further!
Every participant gave a unique color and character to the III Tallinn International Ballet Master Classes. A true celebration of art and dance was achieved through joined dedication and effort.
We are pleased to invite everyone to the new season of our summer master classes, which will take place from July 13 to August 3, 2020.

photo by Anastasia Semjonova

See you soon!

photo by Anastasia Semjonova


Anastasia Wille.png  

Anastasia Wille

Anastasia is a student of Tallinn University of technology now, works as a TIBM supervisor from the very beginning, speaks fluent Estonian, English and Russian and is happy to help the participants upon any occasion.                     

+372 5301 2273

Dmitry Tkachenko Tallinnballet.png  

Dmitry Tkachenko

Orientalist, graduated from Moscow University. During many years have been engaged in organising cultural events, among others ballet, theatre, choir concert tours in Estonia, Russia and Japan. Ideologist and producer of Tallinn International Ballet Competition. 

Sofja Tkachenko tallinnballet.png  

Sofja Tkachenko 

A specialist in international business administration. Engaged in management and project development within DX ART non-commercial entity framework. 


The major partner in artistic supervising is Tallinn Ballet School /EST: Tallinna Balletikool/ and personally headmistress, famous Estonian prima ballerina Ms Kaie Kõrb.



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